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ACOSO:Agent-based COoperating Smart Objects


In the future Internet of Things (IoT), smart objects (SOs)  will be fundamental building blocks for the creation of a cyberphysical smart pervasive ecosystem. In order to facilitate the SOs development process and speed up the prototyping phase of the IoT elements,  middleware solutions have been widely adopted since they provide useful general and specific abstractions at different levels of granularity.  Among the various proposals, the agent-based programming paradigm definitively represents a viable approach to model the distributed, autonomous, heterogeneous and unconventional elements of a SOs oriented IoT.

ACOSO (Agent-based COoperating Smart Objects) is an agent-oriented middleware for the development, management and deployment of cooperating smart objects in any context of application which requires distributed computation, proactivity, knowledge management and interaction among SOs/sensors/actuators.

The ACOSO middleware presents an event-driven architecture that allows the SOs, modeled as cooperating agents, to fastly react to external stimulus, fulfill specific goals, exploit inference rules and local/remote Knowledge Bases..

The main goal of ACOSO is to provide the right instruments and a simple programming model to realize cooperating smart objects. ACOSO is completely integrated with two frameworks realized to control wireless sensor networks, such as the BMF (Building Management Framework) and the SPINE (Signal Processing In Node Environment) framework. 

Here is a video-demo of our system.

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News Archive

  • 2014.12.15 - Video DEMO
    An ACOSO video demo is available on Youtube here.
  • 2014.12.15 - SPINE Adapter
    SPINE Adapter developed!
  • 2014.12.15 - BMF Adapter
    BMF Adapter developed!
  • 2014.12.15 - The ACOSO Website is online!
    The website of our "Agent-based COoperating Smart Objects" is available.